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The Richway Bio Acoustic Mat

Years of scientific research has uncovered that particular low frequency sound pulses and brainwave entraining music have strong effects therapeutically on our health and well-being. Sound has been used in several cultures throughout history for these purposes.  The Aborigines of Australia have used sound for healing for centuries. They blow air into an instrument to create very low sound vibrations.

The BioAcoustic Mat™ uses a robust low frequency sound generator that gives a deep acoustic massage for the body’s tissues and joints. The music tracks on the BioAcoustic Mat™ use the low frequencies of 30 – 68 Hz to massage large muscles and the higher 52 – 88 Hz level for smaller muscles. Dr. Lee Bartel, the foremost expert in the world on vibroacoustic therapy research has shown that scientifically developed sounds will relax and renew your health.  The high-fidelity upper speakers add another facet of sound therapy to the BioAcoustic Mat™. The focused music on these upper speakers has been created to provide a sense of tranquility. Drawing on decades of experience, Dr. Bartel has created tracks that help you sleep by awakening your deep sleep delta brainwaves; induce relaxation by alpha brainwaves; or raise your energy level and problem solve by stimulating your theta brainwaves.


  Bio Acoustic Mat
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Therapeutic Sound

The Bio Acoustic Mat sound tracks come in four categories to help with energy, relaxation, sleep and stress relief. Three tracks for each category were developed by Dr. Lee Bartel. This musical therapy was developed in the Delta, Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Theta wavelengths for entrainment.

Piano, flute and digital sound

STRESS RELIEF TRACK 1 [Total Track Length 3:30] Low frequencies – 36 Hz – 41 Hz Mono and binaural theta entrainment 4 Hz – 6 Hz

STRESS RELIEF TRACK 2 [Total Track Length 3:00] Low frequencies – 32 Hz – 65 Hz Mono and binaural theta entrainment 4 Hz – 6 Hz

STRESS RELIEF TRACK 3 [Total Track Length 3:40] Low frequencies – 27.5 Hz – 55 Hz Mono entrainment at delta, theta, and alpha Binaural theta entrainment 4 Hz – 6 Hz


Digital ocean, surf, and nature sounds

RELAX TRACK 1 [Total Track Length 5:15] Low pitches centered around 40 Hz, 52 Hz and 68 Hz (34 Hz) Mono and binaural alpha and theta entrainment (5 Hz - 8 Hz)

RELAX TRACK 2 [Total Track Length 4:40] Low pitch – 36 Hz Binaural alpha and theta entrainment

RELAX TRACK 3 [Total Track Length 5:35] Low pitch – 32 Hz Binaural alpha and theta entrainment


Mono and binaural entrainment

SLEEP TRACK 1 [Total Track Length 4:58] Digital sound Low pitch – 32 Hz

SLEEP TRACK 2 [Total Track Length 5:00] Digital sound Low pitch – multiple between 27.5 – 44 Hz

SLEEP TRACK 3 [Total Track Length 6:05] Digital sound Low pitch – multiple between 34 – 52 Hz


Guitar, piano, digital sound, bass mono and binaural high alpha and beta entrainment

ENERGIZE TRACK 1 [Total Track Length 5:18] Low pitch 41 Hz - 73 Hz Peak wavelength 41Hz

ENERGIZE TRACK 2 [Total Track Length 4:40] Low pitch 36 Hz - 61 Hz Peak wavelength 41Hz

ENERGIZE TRACK 3 [Total Track Length 5:55] Low pitch 36 Hz - 65 Hz

  Tap Into Your Mind With The Rythm  
  Bio Acoustic Mat by Richway  

Entrainment is like when you catch yourself tapping your feet to the beat of a song unconsciously.

When one rhythmic system falls in line with another, that's entrainment. Its a physics principle. It is our body’s method of going with the flow.

According to physics, when one system falls in line with another less energy is required. The human brain is a complex system consisting of an immense neural network which sends and receives signals whether you are awake or asleep. These signals are naturally rhythmic and can be subject to entrainment to ease the workload of the brain.. The BioAcoustic Mat’s™ music pieces are imprinted with special frequencies that trick our brains into healthy states. The carefully produced tracks bring about healthy brain activity by dictating the amount of sounds the ear picks up per second and by producing a slightly different pitch in each of your ears. The end result is our brains go on to sync with these rythmic sounds and our bodies fall in line with whatever that particular track was designed for:energy, sleep, stress relief or relaxation..


Sound Massage

Vibroacoustic sound produces deep cellular stimulation to our skin, muscles and joints. Research has shown that certain music reduces stress. The BioAcoustic Mat™ not only allows you to feel the music too. The BioAcoustic Mat™ produces a massage that is felt throughout the body. Vibroacoustics from the BioAcoustic Mat™ relaxes the body in two ways. First, strong low frequency speakers and transducers are used to produce an acoustic cellular massage. The lower frequencies are produced to massage large muscles and the higher frequencies for smaller muscles. Secondly, the sounds manipulate brain activity to help give your mind a state of well-being. The music is designed to complement the sounds coming out of the speakers. The vibrations stimulate the nerves in the spine, brain stem, and limbic system that dictate emotional responses, and activate the auditory nerves that connect to muscle tissue, and the low frequency bass allows muscle tissue to become at rest.





Bio Acoustic Mat   Bio Acoustic Mat Controller
BioTrinity Care™ = BioAcoustic Mat™ + Biomat


Biomat and Bio Acoustic Mat   Combine the BioAcoustic Mat™ with the Biomat® to maximize healthy results. BioTrinity Care™ is the synergistic result of using the BioAcoustic Mat™ in together with the Biomat®. The BioAcoustic Mat™ is desoigned to allow the Biomat® to fit comfortably on top of it. Together, these two powerful health products work together to give the ultimate relaxation experience. The therapeutic frequencies will calm the body, and the entrancing music will relax the brain. The BioAcoustic Mat’s™ vibrations help the body enter a deep state of relaxation, which allows the Biomat®'s infrared and negative ion therapies to work even more thoroughly than before.
The Man Behind the Sound   BioAcoustic Mat™

Dr. Lee Bartel Ph.D

Professor at the University of Toronto,
College of Music

Director of the Canadian Music Education Research Centre

  Dr. Lee Bartel   Bio Acoustic Mat

Dr. Bartel is a Professor Emeritus of Music and former Associate Dean for research at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Music, as well as Director of Music and Health Research Collaboratory. Dr. Bartel is specifically interested in the applications of music to treat conditions of aging and rehabilitation. He is reknowned for his research and production of music for the betterment of human health. Currently he devotes his time to Rhythmic Sensory Stimulation (RSS) and its applications for various types of pain. Dr. Bartel is the Coordinator of Music, Mind and Brain Special Research Interest Group for the Canadian Music Education Research Centre, and Coordinator of the Music Therapy and Health Special Research Interest Group.

He has also served on the Accreditation Review Board for the Canadian Association of Music Therapy, has been involved in important studies with the Centre for Health Promotion, University of Toronto, and supervised doctoral and post-doctoral research at Bloorview Kid’s Rehab, Lyndhurst Hospital, and Baycrest Hospital. Using his many years of experience, Dr. Bartel produced the internationally best-selling Music for Your Health series from the Solitude’s label, as well as Somerset Entertainment’s SonicAid series. His Gold and Platinum album work has been nominated for several Juno Awards. Today, Dr. Bartel’s contributions include 16 books and multiple academic papers and publications.



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